Colchester Ladies Lodge No. 31


Fourth Thursday of the month @ 5:00 for 5:30pm. (April - August) Third Thursday in September @ 5.00 for 5.30pm.  Installation Meeting – May@1:30 for 2:00pm.  

Lodge of Instruction

Third Thursday of the month @ 2:30 – 4:00pm. (April – August) Second Thursday in September @2.30 - 4.00pm. Committee Meeting preceding each LOI at 1:30pm



W. Bro Lynora Ramsey LGR

Email Colchester Ladies Secretary

Thinking of Joining the Order of Women Freemasons

The HFAF, and Colchester Lodge Number 31 in particular, are actively seeking new lady members who are at least 21 years of age, from all professions, backgrounds and religions, to share with us our beautiful rituals and ceremonies. Stimulate your minds and at the same time contribute to numerous worthwhile charities, whilst enjoying a special kind of camaraderie with our members. It is important that you should be of good character and be a law abiding citizen. Freemasonry has a well-known saying "it does not make bad people good, but it does make good people better" To find out more, please telephone Miss L Ramsey on 01206 250614.